Product Update – Custom Pages

Our direct booking site serves more than just converting browsers to bookers. As a host, you may want to advertise your cohosting services or provide your guests with more information about the area. To help hosts build a website that represents what they offer and why guests (or even other property owners) may want to choose them, we have introduced Custom Pages. 

Now, hosts can add additional pages to their website with the content they want. Our templates will ensure that these pages look beautiful and fit the theme. Furthermore, if you switch themes, these blocks will be updated to accommodate the new theme, so there is no need to rebuild your page. We have included two common block types to start with and will continue to add more to this library based on feedback from our hosts. 

This update is now available to all users and templates. For assistance go to this help article.

We are excited about this new opportunity for hosts to express themselves using these pages, and we can’t wait to see the block library grow.

Thank you for the active community and the continual feedback that allowed us to bring on new features like Custom Pages. 🙏

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