Direct Booking Simplified Podcast – EP03 – Don’t be afraid to take the plunge with Chase Charifa

Join us as we talk to Chase Charifa, an STR investor with properties in 3 markets, now focusing on new construction, and has build a personal brand worth following. He shares his journey in the process, and walks us through how he approaches building his brand.

Podcast Summary

Chase, a seasoned real estate investor, underscores the significance of building a supportive network of like-minded individuals at the outset of one’s journey in the field. He stresses perseverance and seeking guidance from those with more experience to navigate obstacles effectively. Furthermore, Chase outlines his strategic approach of utilizing online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb initially to establish a client base, before gradually transitioning towards direct marketing to this audience over a span of 2-3 years. This strategy involves leveraging data on past guests to tailor advertising efforts to specific regions, thereby maximizing outreach and engagement.

Moreover, Chase places great importance on the aesthetic appeal and presentation of his properties, emphasizing high-quality design and professional photography/videography to attract both guests and influencers. His success in securing features from prominent influencers and publications speaks to the efficacy of this approach in driving visibility and bookings. For aspiring investors, Chase advocates a hunger for knowledge, encouraging active participation in local meetups and a willingness to learn through both successes and failures. Currently, Chase’s focus lies on constructing new short-term rental properties, opting for “A-frame” structures across various locations in response to the inflated prices of resale properties in many markets.

In essence, Chase’s narrative sheds light on his journey towards establishing a thriving short-term rental business. By initially leveraging OTAs, prioritizing property aesthetics and marketing, and continuously seeking opportunities for growth and learning, he has forged a path towards sustained success in the competitive real estate landscape.

Essential Highlights

Here are a few key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Chase emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people when starting out as a real estate investor. He recommends not letting any hurdles stop you and leaning on those with more experience to guide you through challenges.
  • He discussed his approach of initially leveraging OTAs like Airbnb to build a base of past guests/clients, and then over 2-3 years shifting efforts towards marketing directly to that audience for direct bookings. This involves using data on where past guests came from to target ads in those areas.
  • Chase places a big emphasis on high-quality property design and photography/videography to attract guests and influencers. He has had success getting featured by major influencers and publications.
  • For new investors, he recommends being hungry for knowledge by surrounding yourself with more experienced people, joining local meetups, and not being afraid to execute and potentially fail at first.
  • Chase is now heavily focused on new construction short-term rental properties, building “A-frames around America” after finding resale properties overpriced in many markets.

Overall, it highlighted Chase’s experiences building a successful short-term rental business by initially leveraging OTAs, creating outstanding properties/visuals, and then transitioning efforts towards direct bookings over time.

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 I guess don’t be afraid to take the plunge, you know, learn as much as you can surround yourself with people, like minded people meaning wanting to invest, eager to invest, wanting to learn. And if this is really the space you want to be in, if you really want to be a real estate investor and you know, you have your goals in mind, don’t let  any stumbling blocks stop you.

Don’t let any hurdle stop you  like every problem has a solution to it. Some take longer than others. That’s why you lean on those who have experience to, you know, guide you through it and eventually you’ll get through it. 

Hey there, welcome back to direct booking simplified, where we simplify direct bookings and make it attainable for all hosts and on today’s show, we have Chase Sharifa.  He’s an SDR operator with properties in three markets and is focusing on new construction and he’s nailed how to create content that resonates with his guests.

He’s going to walk us through how he took the plunge into short term rentals and how he’s leveraging his expertise to build his following. So without further ado, let’s bring on chase.  Hey Chase, welcome. Welcome to our episode today. Hi, thank you for having me. When I started this podcast, I was like, Oh, you’ve been pretty much in this journey with me since my very beginning.

And I was like, when I do this, I want to, I want to have you on as a guest. Well, thank you. Yeah. I mean, we connected right away. And so I think that was  really important. It seemed like we have very similar values and, you know and goals. So no, thank you for having me on. Yeah.  I don’t know if you remember the first time we, like we, we met, it was Sarah Khan, I didn’t even have, I didn’t even launch my property at that time.

You pushed me to keep on getting my, my, my next cabin. I think if it wasn’t for you, I would probably stuck with my, my first one for a long time.  Yeah. Yeah. I remember when we were talking about it, it just seems like you were like analysis, paralysis type of thing. Yeah. And I was just, I heard, I saw myself in that and I was like, man, I mean, you’re not going to knock it out of the park all the time.

And I know it seems like every single. Story out there. They knock it out on the first one and then  they keep going and they get the confidence. But yours was maybe more challenging where you’re struggling, you know, struggling to launch and, and then struggling with it. And then I was like, well,  as you’re improving, like as an investor, you’re, you’re gonna go through some challenges.

Sometimes it could be in the beginning, sometimes it could be at the end, but. It’s the consistency that helps you win. You know,  I think that that was a big lesson for, for me. It was like, when I first bought my cabin, it was in 22  and the market started to soften up quite a bit at that time. Like we weren’t getting 2020, 2021 numbers coming out of COVID coming out of the pandemic.

And I was like, damn, can I, can I do this again? Like if I buy another one, I’m going to double down on, on a bad investment. And I think what you made me realize was like,  not every property is going to hit, like be a home run. I think the first one, it’s kind of like what like the bigger pockets talks about.

It was like the first one isn’t necessarily one that you’re going to hit a home run. It’s necessarily for you to like get started and you learn about the whole process and then for you to then take that learning into, into the next one.  Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m glad you, and I’m glad you did because my second one was, That was a home run, like that one is killer.

I I’m so happy about that one. Yeah. Yeah. And you’re analyzing that for a while and then you just pulled the trigger, you know? Yeah.  Can you give a, the listeners a sense of kind of who you are and what you’ve been doing? I’m Chase Sharifa and I, my wife and I, well, I’m a lender and my wife was an optometrist and, you know we are pretty big on the short term rental.

Like investment so we, we had our first long term rental was, which was our old primary home and it was a long term rental. And then once we had a taste with our cabin of short term rental, we sold that one and we went all in on short term rental. I think hospitality was just really big for us. And, and, you know, as we purchased more and more properties and, you know, move, you know, our investments out of state, we’ve realized that like our. 

Approach was getting different, and as we found out, like, as you scale, you lose a lot of money,  you know, you want to scale quickly, you, you’ve got to find unique ways to keep scaling and, you know, partnering is one way. And then what we found was development. Was something that we were  excited about especially with,  you know, my engineering background and just through all the properties that we’ve already gone through.

Everything was just overpriced as a resale, especially in our California market.  going out state help with that. And I think there’s a lot of value in building. So that’s where we’re at today. We’re just working on building  literally and figuratively.  Talk to me about  how you’ve approached. Really building a business around your short term rentals.

And we talked about this the other night about how we don’t want to be completely reliant on the OTAs. How’s your approach? How’s your mindset on that? The approach on that is.  Knowing that the OTAs exist,  knowing what they’re useful for, but planning for something else in the future. So I always have like a minimum three year plan is my thought process is like,  whenever you begin, you, you have nothing at this point.

So you just, you’re  subject to whatever the OTAs are, Airbnb and VRBO specifically.  So you just kind of work within that system and you develop, you know, Really great,  a great reputation and, you know, great rapport with those  clients and guests that come in. So that’s your initial funnel is my thought process. 

But your job as a host is to go so far above and beyond that you, you make those. That came from Airbnb and VRBO, and if they want to come back that they want to come back over and over again. So you’re essentially using the Airbnb funnel to create your new past client funnel. And so, I mean, if you’re getting,  you know, 50 stays a year or 100 stays a year, it doesn’t matter.

After three years, you have 300,  you know, 150 to 300 guests. Or more if you’re able to collect more of the  more of their information, but let’s just say it’s just those you have this 150 people pool that you can try to pull from, you know, so if you could do 1 to 5 percent conversion  and normally it’s like a 2 percent conversion on like a cold lead, but these are warm leads.

These are leads that you. Have stayed with you before, trust you and have had a five star experience with you. I would think that your conversion would be greater, not just with them, but with  their circle and their influence,  their friends and family and such. So  I think marketing to that  you naturally, after a couple of years, you’ll naturally create a new funnel.

Right. And then, so now hopefully you’ll balance out your bookings with some  With Airbnb and VRBO, some from your past client. And once you’ve built that, then you can start shifting into getting them to book directly,  you know, so you have a consistent flow. Cause it’s harder to start that from the beginning.

You can for sure, but you don’t know your seasonality or your market yet.  And I don’t know if you’ve honed in or refined your,  your guest avatar in the first year.  So that’s why after. A little bit of time, you really know who to target.  You also have now some data of where people have come from,  and now you kind of have a target location.

And so after a few years, you could kind of see where they’ve come from  and you could start doing like ads for those specific areas because those are the higher tendencies in the past three years.  Have looked at your place and wanting to come stay. So I think that’s a, that’s a big deal, like leaning into the existing OTAs, creating a past client funnel, using that data to then retarget. 

To get more direct bookings.  So it is a longer term process, I think, unless you just have unlimited budget and you could just blitz the market up front and spend a ton of marketing dollars, but I don’t know if it’ll be returned because you’re just blasting it out there without  knowing which section to, to target. 

I know that was a mouthful. 

Cause Airbnb is spread, you know, it’s just whomever, but you don’t know where your potential guests could come from. But if you have  even two years worth of data, Oh, you know, even though I’m California, there’s a lot of people  from yes, Los Angeles, but there’s a big group in Vegas and Arizona and San Diego that really come to our cabin.

So  not only do we target LA, but we could target San Diego and Vegas as well. And, you know, attack those markets and then wait for another year data. And then to see if there are others that’s coming in through Airbnb, that’s greater than those markets.  And then you could keep adding or just doubling down on those markets.

So I think that’s the, at least that’s the approach that we’re trying to get at. Mm-Hmm. 


Mm-Hmm.  . Mm-Hmm. 

Right. So that’s, that’s good to know. Yeah. Do you run ads yourself or do you mainly rely on more organic and social traffic? Both social and some ads. Yeah. So we tried Facebook ads before. It just didn’t work as well for us. So we’ve just been doing Google ads  and that’s been working. Pretty good. Nice.

Nice. And Instagram and, and all that, but  Facebook before, but not now focused mostly on Instagram and Google.  Instagram ads, you mean, or Instagram like Instagram ads or just influencer or just any type of marketing from there. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve known you as someone that really spends a lot of attention at designing the space.

The, when I look at your properties, They’re not cookie cutter and you’re not looking at like, they’re pretty unique and they’re well put together. Thank you.  Do you,  do you know who your guest avatar is when you’re designing a place? Like how do you figure out what you want in there? Is it more based on kind of your own personal preferences or do you think about who’s staying there as you’re designing the space  initially? 

It was just our personal preferences. And then once we went to the smoky mountains, we realized that you have to,  you have to realize who’s staying there. So that’s what made a huge change with one of our  Gatlinburg properties.  And it was just an efficient, inefficient use of space. You know, we had like a loft that was basically nothing, you know, second living room.

And so we had changed it to a game room and a bunk room, and it just made it so much more functional, but still in a similar. Style and fashion. But now  we’re kind of combining both together, like our preferences as well as the local markets wants and needs. And so once we have done that, we’ve done much better at that market, but we’ve been applying that to new properties also, you know studying the market and knowing what are the holes in that market and what do people expect and what do people want.

And  through that process, we’ve realized that we’re just,  we know exactly who is our ideal guests, which are couples or small families. So we just, now that that’s our guest avatar and  our builds kind of reflect that.  Yeah. You start to build that brand for yourself. And I’m, I’m thinking as the years go on and you’re starting to  advertise and talk about your brand as a whole, you start to see that across all of your properties. 

Yeah. And then we’re, you know, we’re still constantly making improvements, just like what I told you in the past, like we’re,  it’s hard to hit a home run every, every time at bat. So you’re just going to have to accept that and know that there’s going to be improvements made in the future.  And so that’s what we’re working on and on the rest of the properties, like every year we do an assessment.

How did we do? What can we do to improve? And I think that’s the main thing. You know, you’re always looking to improve and not settling on what you have or what You didn’t do and  you just have to keep moving forward.  You know one thing I noticed about  your specifically your Instagram is that you have really high quality pictures and you have  a decent following.

You have a, you have several thousand people following you. How did you get to, how did you get to that point? Mostly organic. Even  like influencers and things like that has helped as well. A lot of advice from a lot of like good photographers and good friends that why don’t you try this? Why don’t you try that?

And as the algorithm changes yeah, we’ve, we’ve just been really blessed with the amount of people that wanting to follow us. And obviously we asked people who, you know,  Stay with us to follow us. So that has helped a lot and it’s created a community where  even before you book  in anticipation of your reservation, you get really excited by everything that we post on the property.

And so we.  We try to use it as kind of like a preview before you arrive at the property. So that’s kind of our, our main approach. And then, you know, we, we’ve targeted select influencers. I guess our favorite is like a micro influencer, like less than a hundred thousand That  really works hard to show the property off and and that’s, that’s been, you know, really effective with regards to, you know really marketing the property. 

You got it. So you, you, you don’t just find anyone or anyone that just is part of your avatar. You, part of it is like the content that they, they post and just the quality of the content. And it’s by looking at the things that you even repost  the photographers on there and the videographers that are on there are really, really high caliber.

They’re they, all their content looks really, really nice.  Yeah, we, we get a bunch of influencers, small and big all the time offering all sorts of things, but if they’re not like a match with what we want, we don’t take it. My wife and I, like our approach has always been making sure that  it fits within what we want.

Even if we grow slower, it’s, it’s the growth that we, you know, we intended to see with what the followers liked and what we liked. And to best represent the property.  Yeah. When you were getting first started on this, like how did you, how did you land your, your first influencer? How did you find that person?

I,  they just came and they stayed on their own terms. They just found us.  And they just so happened to be a big influencer and we just gave them a great, we didn’t know they were an influencer.  And then  we just gave them a great stay. And not only did they post about us, but they wrote an article about us on Condé Nast.

And so that was big. So well, because she, she was, she was going on a tour.  of California, of a bunch of Airbnbs. And out of all the ones that she’s visited through a few months,  she’s from the UK and  she said ours was her favorite. And so that’s what she wrote about.  So it kind of, it kind of goes back to your personal design touch back to it.

Like that was the initial draw.  Right, right. Yeah. So yeah. And then I was And personally, me as a photographer, like with my photos being featured on there, it was pretty exciting, you know? And so not only is it, you know, my wife’s, you know, touch and, and our design  on there. But you know, for our photos to be used on, there was really incredible.

Yeah. And you’ve had some pretty big name influencers on, on posting about you as well, too, right? Yeah, there’s been a few. So, and we’ve been just really fortunate about that. And yeah, I mean, it’s just relationship based thing. And I think whenever you’re earnest about it and you’re not looking to get anything and you just, you’re putting out value to them.

I think they realize that and then they just,  naturally connected.  And  it was, it was great. Like one of our, one of the biggest influencers that came we told her that, you know, we wanted to meet her and she was like, sure. And so we, we got to hang out a little bit  and we got to meet her and, and her boyfriend.

And, and it was, you know, they’re just down to earth people and just happened to be amazing photographers. So that was really great. Yeah.  Have you been able to find the same success? When you’re remote or you’re, you’re not there to do the photography yourself or to create that initial feeling that attracts others  like success for other properties.

Yeah. Like I know like your big bear cabin has, has done really, really well. And you spend a lot of time there yourself and being able to talk to take your own pictures and really create those moments yourself. I’m curious to on whether or not you’re able to.  If like being local is a big contributor to that and you’d be able to put your hands on that, or could you replicate that remotely to went on some of your further cabins? 

I’m sure you could. I mean, our Branson one, I think the follower count has increased above a thousand, which is great. Yeah, it just really depends on how much effort you want to put into marketing and social media. I think you can make it happen because everything,  once you create a space and you create a team around that space, and then you have like a trusted. 

You know content creator that creates content for you, then it’s just about  strategizing on your, you know,  the content you put out. And so I definitely think you can do it remote. Does it make it easier? If you’re local, of course, you know, especially if you’re taking the photographs yourself and you’re able to be creative on the types of shots you want to do yourself.

Yeah, definitely. If you’re  local, you’re  going to be the one that’s putting out that content consistently instead of scheduling it. So it’ll be easier closer, but it’s not impossible when you’re far away. Yeah.  You’re heading into to Tennessee in a couple of days or actually tomorrow, right? Are you, are you thinking about, are you  bringing your camera and visiting your spots as well too? 

The, my camera doesn’t leave my side. It comes with me to go to the mall to go, to get the mail. So yeah, it always, it always comes with me. Yeah. So it’ll be drone is with me. Camera’s with me the whole nine yards. Oh my God. That’s going to be amazing. I’m going to definitely follow you and watch you on, on that journey. 

Yeah, it’s constant. I mean, I just. I just photograph whatever it’s just, it’ll, it’ll be all my stories. So  nice. So what’s what are you looking forward to like learning more about it and really what’s, what’s driving you,  what’s driving you to get more direct bookings this year?  What tactics are you, are you trying to.

To deploy. We’re, we’re trying to deploy more of the having in lending we have like a customer relationship management. And I think, you know, putting in some  like a, a more detailed e email campaign or text campaign would be huge. And I think that would be the main driver for getting more direct bookings as well as like, you know, expanding the,  the ad revenue.

It’s really just about how many eyes can you.  Get on the property and you know, how effective could you make  the ad spend so that it’s the return is, is good, but really the key is just consistency.  You’re always constantly having ads out there. If, if you don’t, then I feel like a lot of people think that, oh, I spent  a hundred dollars.

One month and I didn’t see any return. Well,  it may not give you a return for a little bit because people don’t know who you are yet, but if you consistently do it then, and they consistently see you, you, you’ll have some conversions eventually.  Yeah.  Yeah. Like I think to, to your point about like ads and repeatability is like. 

That’s one thing that I actually wouldn’t deploy this year is like running ads, but also running retargeting ads so that the people that have actually taken the first step of clicking over to your direct booking site,  retargeting them so that they. You have more chances to hit them moving forward.  Yeah.

I’m gonna, I’ll learn about that and redeploy that. I think, yeah, because the email campaign has been taking a lot of my time and  adding stay five to all of our places, you know, it’s data collection and then  email campaign, and then we’ll probably work on that.  Yeah,  outside of all this, what’s some exciting projects that you have going on for for this year?

What’s your big goals? Well, we have some  projects already going on now. So we’re pretty heavy into development in multiple states. So we have currently three development projects happening.  We’ve got an a frame in Arkansas, short term rental.  And then we have a, a frame in Tennessee, short term rental.

We have a duplex more long term rental in Kentucky. We have started a small development company where we acquire the land and build and to sell or keep if needed. So  more  trying to sell it. Type of thing. So trying to sell a little bit of the are,  you know,  a little bit of the flavor that we’ve been creating, you know I have a partner Danny Wong.

And, you know, we’ve been working on this,  you know, partnership together and we’re working on, you know, acquiring land and then building something special to  hopefully someone could purchase, you know, with the same exact flair, probably another, a frame  probably, probably mid century. And at this time, you know, it’s going to have a view and maybe some extras, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.  I noticed that you even when you’re not live, you’re not  marketing a specific property. You start to share it as well too. Like your, your A frame build and the Ozark, you’re, you’re starting to share that and you’re starting to get followers in there. You’re starting to create that, that buzz and, and, and.

Like really, like what I see is that like when that property does go live, you’re not cold. You’re not like waiting for your first three and, and taking advantage of that 20 percent lift on our, on Airbnb, you’re actually, you’ve already been marketing that, that, that, that place for a long time.  Yeah, I hope so.

I mean, I’m retargeting all of our past guests in all of the properties, regardless of the state. So, at least and that’s where the state fight comes in, right? Like, you have that past client funnel and once it goes live, then you could send those updates to those to that group and see if it’s something that they would be really interested in, you know? 

Yeah,  I can see all this stuff compounding pretty soon.  Yeah, we’ll, we’ll see. We’re just, we’re still praying about it and just trusting that it’ll, you know, it’ll come into play now. It’s  it’s go time for furniture and things like that. So it’s, it’s coming up soon. Estimated build completion is mid April.

Got pushed back already multiple times, like a month and a half now. So  I’m hoping that it gets finished soon because.  Yeah, we’re excited to try it out.  It’s going to be nice. I’ve seen, I’ve seen the, the progress videos on that one. And like, it’s a really nice place with a good view.  Yeah. Yeah. We just got in the, we just installed the pool.

So that’s exciting. And yeah, I can’t wait to  test it out.  Did you end up doing the, the container pool on the outside?  It’s in there. It’s in. That had to be craned in, but it’s in.  Nice. I know you’re still debating whether or not you wanted to put that in there in the beginning and I’m glad you took the plunge and do it. 

Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s a good use of words. Plunge.  Yeah.  Awesome. Is there any other  word of advice or things that you’ve learned along the way that you wanted to share with our audience today?  Yeah, just, I guess, don’t be afraid to take the plunge, you know, learn as much as you can surround yourself with people, like minded people meaning wanting to invest, eager to invest, wanting to learn.

And  if, if this is really the space you want to be in, if you really want to be a real estate investor and, you know, you have your goals in mind don’t let  any stumbling blocks stop you. Don’t let any hurdle stop you.  Like every problem has a solution to it. Some take longer than others.  That’s why you lean on those who have experience to  You know, guide you through it  and eventually you’ll get through it.

So,  you know, find the answers and execute, I would say.  Nice. Nice.  All right. To wrap us up, I have two questions for you. One’s a mindset question. The other one is an action question.  It’s the first one. What’s one mindset advice that you would give someone, give to someone that is just starting something new?

Be hungry for knowledge, you know when they say knowledge is power, it really is. I mean, that’s what  I just don’t know anyone who’s developing in this  way. Like a big, I’ve, I’ve only known  way more advanced developers. I don’t really know that many like beginner developers such as ourselves. And so  those advanced developers became that somehow, and you have to start something.

So yeah, be hungry for knowledge because now it’s a niche that  not a lot of people know. And whatever that niche would be, I guess a few years ago, it was short term rental. Like  in my circle, there was nobody who did short term rental or Airbnb. And you know, when I first started, we were alone. We kind of.

Did it by ourselves. And then now my whole circle is all Airbnb.  That’s like our whole community. So surround yourself with those that are smarter than you and,  you know, be hungry for knowledge, especially when you’re starting, because you don’t know where it can lead you. And then, you know, once you have acquired enough of that knowledge, don’t be afraid to execute.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Yeah. Yeah.  That’s a good advice. That’s a good advice that you, you gave me a little while back too. Yeah. Yeah. And then you’re doing well now. So there you go. And then you just got to keep going.  Yeah. It’s been, it’s been depending on your goals. Really? Yeah. I think this year I’m more focused on.

What we’re doing here is like really simplifying direct bookings for folks. It’s like part of this is the podcast, the product that I’m working on. Like that is a huge focus of, of mine. Probably not going to be acquiring this year. I don’t know how my bankability is now that I left my W2. But I’m, I’m definitely very passionate about like what you said is like gaining knowledge, but also sharing knowledge as well, too, is like, I found  through the community, like the more that you can share, the more that you’re able to add value back to the community and that people want to reciprocate that back, back to you.

And  like, we just have such an amazing community where everybody wants to share, everybody wants to help each other out. And it feels good to be part of a community like that. And I definitely want to contribute back to basically everybody that,  that helped me along the way.  That sounds good. So the second question. 

What’s one action that you wouldn’t encourage people to take? It doesn’t have to be STR. It doesn’t have to be direct booking related, but what’s, what’s one thing you, that you encourage people to do? What’s one action? I don’t know, just maybe join a Facebook group, join like a local meetup. Sometimes a local meetup could be really good too.

Cause it’s physical. Like you,  There is an action involved, like a Facebook group is a little bit more passive on your phone. But if you’re I like things that are physical. So if you’re actually going out there, then, you know,  you feel like  at least for me, like, there’s a natural competitive, you know,  Inner feeling that I have that, you know, Oh, that guy’s got this.

And it’s not to compare, but it’s kind of like, wow, I appreciate that. I want to go over there and learn from that guy, from that girl  and  see what I could absorb and put into my business, you know,  And I think that’s what it is. It’s just  put yourself out there, go, go to like a local meetup, go to a conference you know, be around the people that talk about it.

Even if you have nothing to say, you know, ask great questions,  you know, and, and that  will really open up your mind to a lot of different possibilities.  Yeah,  I agree. I met some of the best people all in person like Facebook a lot of times It feels like there’s a lot of good information, but it’s really hard to connect to any one single person  But  seeing someone in person and having even a 5 10 minute conversation.

It just it’s really hard You start to build a connection and like a long lasting relationship with that person. Like,  I don’t think that I spoken to you all that much before we had a chance to meet in person. And then when we did, it started to, it changed our relationship. It changed the dynamic of our relationship. 

I think so. Yeah. In person definitely changes everything. So I think that is,  would be a great action plan for someone.  Awesome.  All right. To kind of wrap us up.  How can folks learn more about you connect with you? How can they follow you?  Oh yeah. Just follow us on ig on at Lightfoot Cabin and you could follow my personal as well at Jan Chase Rifa.

I’ll send it over for to you for description and yeah, all that. So, yeah, so Lightfoot Cabin is our main cabin. You know, that might eventually be converted to, you know, an overarching one. I’m not sure. And then my personal one is where we kind of document my the current build. So  nice, awesome.

Well, thanks for, for being here, Chase. I was a pleasure having you on. I’m definitely gonna  probably have you on again, as, as you ramp up your A frame, A frame A frames around America campaign.  Yeah, A Frames around America campaign. Yeah,  that’s cool. I don’t mind being known as the A Frame guy.  I’ll just build them all, you know?

Yeah, there’s no shortages of A Frames out there.  I don’t think so.  I’m just, I’m just going to keep building them until they say no more A Frames.  I don’t think you’ll get there.  I don’t think I’ll get there. Yeah, that’s fine. And that means there’s no More room to grow. Awesome.  Thanks Chase. Cool. Thank you.


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