Direct Booking Simplified Podcast - EP10 - Building unique stays and growing your community with Zoey Berghoff
On this episode we have Zoey Berghoff. She’s most known for creating unique stays. She started her portfolio with a yurt and is now working on a 1950’s cabin restoration. She walks us through...
Product Update - Custom Pages
Our direct booking site serves more than just converting browsers to bookers. As a host, you may want to advertise your cohosting services or provide your guests with more information about the area. To...
Hospitable - Featured Image
CraftedStays Partners with Hospitable to Simplify Direct Bookings
Hospitable and CraftedStays have partnered together to empower hosts to capture more direct bookings and increase revenues. CraftedStays’ mission is to simplify direct bookings – making it easy for all...
Direct Booking Simplified Podcast - EP09 - Designing and data goes hand-in-hand with Janice Pollard
On this week’s episode we have Janice Pollard. She comes from 20 years of marketing and advertising background and she stresses the importance of good design and branding to get more direct bookings....
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